We have our unofficial mascot for this Wendy's location.

Last week, we had quite a bun issue here in Texas. I would gladly take a substandard bun than have a freaking live mouse in my bag of buns. That is what allegedly was found at a Wendy's in Catoosa, Oklahoma. Employee Skylar Frame shared a video on her Facebook of the condition of the kitchen since management is allegedly doing nothing.

She shows photos of cigarette butts in the food prep area. So employees are allegedly smoking while preparing your food. That would be enough for corporate to come down and get some head rolling. However, that is not the worst part of Skylar's Facebook post. She has a video of a mouse in a bag of hamburger buns.

You can clearly see it, that is a mouse. Skylar heard some commotion coming from the kitchen about a mouse, that she thought was running around the kitchen. Nope, an employee had gone to grab some buns and saw the little guy in there. It looks like he decided to help himself to some bread as well.

Wendy’s corporate statement that was provided to the station said that they had been made aware of the incident and they’ve launched an investigation with their pest-control vendor and quality assurance. Employees told the local news team they see employees smoking all the time and another rat was found about a month ago.

Here is the crazy part, this was shared on Thursday. Health Inspectors came in that Friday and found no violations. How in the hell is that possible? I'm sure they did one hell of a cleaning Thursday night after this post went viral. Still, this place needs cameras in the back so corporate can keep an eye on this place.

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