Thank goodness this service was not a thing while I was in college.

I'm sure a good majority of people do their shopping on Amazon. They have everything you could need on there. Amazon now has a fast delivery option on a lot of their items in several major cities. Where you can get your items in just a few hours. Looks like that fast delivery will now include beer and wine in parts of Texas.

The service first rolled out to Austin earlier this week. Starting today, Amazon customers in Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Houston can get beer and wine delivered to their address. The delivery service goes from  8 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday.

You can get your typical beer and wine options. Depending on what city you live in, some local breweries and wineries maybe a part of this fast shipping process as well. For instance in Austin, Austin Eastciders and Independence Austin are a part of the fast delivery option.

I don't think this will be coming to Wichita Falls anytime soon, but it would be nice one day.

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