People are not too happy about the company he contracted out this service to.

It looks like Presidential Candidate Mike Bloomberg was using Oklahoma inmates for campaign calls in California. Turns out a company called ProCom reached out to a third party company, whose name has not been given out yet for the work. Turns out some Oklahoma inmates have the option to work in a call center.

They do things like conduct surveys, selling subscriptions and making campaign calls all while reading from a script. This is a way for inmates to prepare for work in an office setting once they get out. The call center jobs are voluntary and like any inmate job it does not pay much. They make $1.45 an hour doing the call center work.

Some people are upset with the inmates making campaign calls on behalf of a political candidate. Mainly because they may not agree with this person's political beliefs. Also, the inmates can not vote in those elections. In a statement on Twitter, the Bloomberg campaign is saying it only learned about the use of inmates after it was discovered by reporters.

This story was first reported by The Intercept and more information can be found there.


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