If you're someone that likes to walk around and enjoy nature, this may be the town for you.

Northeast of Wichita Falls, you will find Davis, Oklahoma. According to Architectural Digest, it's the prettiest town in Oklahoma and home to the tallest waterfall in the state. Maybe they should have been called Wichita Falls. That waterfall is located in Turner Falls Park in the Arbuckle Mountains. You can actually check out some beautiful photos of those waterfalls.

Architectural Digest also says the wildflowers in Davis during the warmer months are absolutely beautiful. Davis, OK is just under a two-hour drive from Wichita Falls if you want to check it out.

Just in case you were curious, the prettiest town in Texas is Fredricksburg in the Texas Hill Country. Fredricksburg features wineries, lavender fields, and the country’s largest family-owned wildflower-seed farm.

Don't forget though, the Wichita Mountains just north of Lawton were voted most beautiful spot in Oklahoma. So if you don't feel like driving two hours to Davis, take the 45-minute drive north from Wichita Falls to the beautiful Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

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