With the cold front that came in, it got us to thinking about the coldest day in Texas. 

You may remember it is supposed to be a colder than normal winter here in Texoma, with more snow than usual. Living here in Texas for a decade now, I am used to the heat. All my winter love has gone out the window, I hate the cold now. I couldn't imagine living in some parts of the country during the next couple of months.

Living here in Texas, it can't get that cold. One would think that, but the record low for our state is nuts. Back on February 8, 1933 in Seminole, Texas they set the record. Seminole is just south of Lubbock and on that day they hit -23 degrees. Screw that! I would be wrapped up in three blankets and sleeping next to the fireplace.

Oklahoma is much worse. Their record low is whopping -31 degrees. This one actually happened pretty recently. February. 9, 2011 in Nowata. It's just north of Tulsa and I hope nothing remotely close to this EVER hits Wichita Falls as long as I live here. I'll deal with those one hundred degree summers over any of that nonsense.

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