Don't worry I didn't know this until tonight anyway.

Well I need one more story for this week and I was blanking on ideas. So I decided to start looking up my favorite things and I stumbled onto comic books. Went into a deep dive and discovered that Wichita Falls was once mentioned by Doctor Strange in a Marvel comic.


If you read Marvel's Secret Defenders, Volume 1 Issue 4 that came out in June 1993. The Secret Defenders are teaming up to figure out who is murdering people in the South Central United States. Doctor Strange shows the Secret Defenders a map of where the murders are taking place. The crew is trying to figure out where the killer will strike next.

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Namorita blurts out. Amarillo? Doctor Strange seems puzzled as to why she would say Amarillo. "Why not WICHITA FALLS, or Lubbock, or even New Mexico," Doctor Strange says. I know you don't believe this actually happened, but it did. Beauty of the internet, you can read the comic online for yourself.


Also, this comic looks pretty cheap online. Copies are going for just three bucks. I may just purchase one so I can say I own the one Marvel comic that mentions Wichita Falls. Plus, it has The Punisher in it so I will just count this as a bonus.


If anyone knows some other comic book nerd things about Wichita Falls let me know. I can't find anything on the DC Comic side, but I always love to dig deep in comic books.

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