Remember Sha'Carri Richardson? The superfast Dallas runner that qualified for the US  Olympic Team while wearing eyelashes and dangerous looking fingernails, then got DQ'd for testing positive for marijuana?

It looks like she's found a new way to shine.

I gotta say, it would have been fun to cheer for a near-local athlete in the Tokyo Olympics, but such was not to be. After finishing in first place in the 100 meter with a time of 10.86 seconds at the US Olympic Track & Field Finals she was to be disqualified only days later for testing above the limit for THC. She admitted to smoking marijuana to help cope with the stresses of training for the Olympics and the death of her mother at the same time.

After completing a counseling program she agreed to a one month suspension and that pretty much shut down her Olympic dream. Sure, there was the outside chance that she'd be invited to be part of the US Relay Team but that invitation never came.

Not one to sit and mope about it, she took everything pretty well in stride (sorry) and that was the last we heard from her for a while.

Until today, when she popped up in a new commercial for the newly released Beats by Dre Studio Buds.

She's still sporting the nails, the eyelashes, and the jewelry, and still looks like she could take on any runner on the track. Whether you agree with the suspension or not, Richardson knew the rules when she did it and paid that price. Now it looks like she may have a nice career ahead of her in merchandising even if she didn't get to compete in the Olympics. And there will always be another Summer Olympic event in three or four years.

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