If you ever read up on aliens Roswell, New Mexico is always a big topic. Have you ever heard of Aurura, Texas?

Back on July 8, 1947, the US Army claimed they had debris from a flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico. They would later release a statement saying it was debris from a weather balloon. You can read more on the Roswell Incident here. What if I told you that aliens crashed right here in North Texas fifty years before Roswell took place?

That's the story coming out of Aurura, Texas which I learned about today. Folks in the town claim back in 1896 a cigar shaped alien craft crashed into a windmill in the town. Sadly the crash killed the alien inside the spacecraft. Apparently, the townspeople gave him a proper funeral and he is still buried in the Aurura Cemetery to this day.

According to KERA News, Researchers have looked into the story for years, testing water in the well where the wreckage was said to be stored, digging metal out of trees at the crash site as proof something exploded, and using radar to see if there really is a Ned in Ned’s grave.

Screw that, dig up that grave site, I want to see if Ned is actually in there. Honestly though, I think it's pretty cool that Texas has it's own alien crash site and it's crazy to me that this happened so many years before the Roswell Incident. So if you're ever in the Fort Worth area, you can get to Aurura in about 30 minutes. Hopefully a UFO doesn't crash on the way to go check out Ned.

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