Now here's a tasty survey we can really sink our teeth into. 62% of the people surveyed said it's time Second Breakfast got the respect it deserves.

According to a new poll published by the New York Post a lot of us enjoy a second breakfast. And that's just one of the delightful findings. Grab a fork and let's dig in.

The study was conducted by One Poll on behalf of Dave's Killer Bread and showed that breakfast foods were the top choice (34%) when it came to 'genre' foods, followed by lunch (24%) and dinner (19%).

43% of the people said they'd eaten breakfast foods for all three meals, with 26% saying they do it often. Sadly, nearly half indicated that they though breakfast foods should not be consumed after 10:25 a.m.

When it comes to the idea of Second Breakfast, a second serving of breakfast somewhere between your first breakfast and lunch, 62% say it's time to officially recognize it as a meal, with more than 70% of the respondents saying it made them feel more energized and ready to face the day. In fact the average American in this poll said they partake of a Second Breakfast at least once a week.

When it comes to our favorite breakfast foods, here are the top 10 favorites as determined by this poll.

Image Courtesy New York Post
Image Courtesy New York Post

We're guessing doughnuts were the top choice for those who grabbed breakfast on their way to work. Before you get all judgemental sitting there with your fruit bowl, just remember, there are no calories in doughnut HOLES.

So let's all raise our coffee cups in a toast to Second Breakfast because not only is it a thing, but we think it's a very good thing.

Now, would someone please pass the syrup?

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