Here is a tease of a Tesla ADAS driver working on an Unprotected Left Turn in a vehicle with Texas manufacturer plates.

Apparently, Tesla's self-driving cars are being trained by the guys who drive the ultra-high jacked-up pickup trucks here in Texas.

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The video at the bottom of the article shows a self-driving car training at a blind left turn intersection. Let's break it down.


Yes. No. Maybe.

The first thing I noticed is how it keeps creeping forward a bit and then braking. Looks like a teenager on their first drive attempt. Heck, I guess these cars learn the same as use. Practice makes perfect?



We don't actually get to see the turn happen, which is a pretty big bummer, but the glaring problem here is the lack of blinker. Who even knows if this thing is actually turning left? The person who posted the video says they will have a follow-up, so I'll be sure to update with a new article when that happens.


AI Learning Curve

Experts believe that the failure to signal may be attributed to the AI system's learning curve. Self-driving cars rely on vast datasets to make decisions, but sometimes they struggle with real-world scenarios that aren't captured in their training data. In this case, the car might not have encountered a similar blind left turn during its training phase

Blind Turns: A Challenge for AI

Blind turns are a common challenge for self-driving cars. Traditional human drivers rely on visual cues and experience to navigate them safely. AI, on the other hand, has to rely on the information it can gather from sensors, which can sometimes be limited, especially in unfamiliar environments.

Check out the video below:



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