It's been nearly three months since Shania Twain starting hinting on her TikTok that new music might be in the works. Now, the singer confirms that she's hoping to put out a new album this year — though she isn't making any promises.

"When is my new album coming out? It's so difficult to say that an album is finished and ready," Twain says in a new installment of her Apple Music radio show, Home Now Radio. "I'm not procrastinating, but I do admit that COVID has created some timing issues because it's been very difficult to get together with producers and musicians in the same room."

On top of that, she adds, she doesn't want to put out a new project until she's sure it's as close to perfect as it can be. "I want to give you guys something that you can be really proud of as a Shania fan," she explains.

"I want you to celebrate with me and I'm definitely on a mission to make the best album I've ever made," the singer continues. "So please be patient. I want it to be worth waiting for."

That being said, Twain's hoping that the new album will be ready for release before too long. "No, I do plan on releasing this album before Christmas. Wouldn't it be super to have this out for Christmas?" she hints. "I would love that so much. So that is my goal."

While new music from the country legend is worth celebrating anytime, the 2021 holiday season would be a particularly special time for a release. In December, she'll resume her Let's Go! Las Vegas residency, more than a year after she was forced to halt the show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The newly-announced residency begins on Dec. 2, with a six-show run of dates that month and eight more shows in February of 2022.

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