Police were alerted of a message of the plan and they took the threat seriously. They investigated his residence and found several firearms.

This past Thursday over in Kerville, Texas police were alerted about a possible threat of a mass shooting in the area. Coleman Thomas Blevins was accused of plotting an attack in the area and was allegedly planning to shoot up a local Walmart. Police did a through investigation of the threat on Thursday and Friday morning went and paid Blevins a visit.

At his residence, police said Blevins had in his possession 'radical ideology paraphernalia.' The only book I am able to pick out from their photo is 'The Turner Diaries'. The books description reads: " It warns us of how American society might unravel if the immigration and racial policies being pursued then -- which are being pursued to an even greater extent today -- were allowed to continue. It is an appeal to ordinary Americans to take responsibility for what is happening to their country and to their world; it is an appeal for
them to change course before its nightmare predictions come true."

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Firearms, ammunition, electronic evidence, concentrated THC, flags, and hand written documents were seized at the residence. Blevins is on felony probation and is not allowed to be in possession of firearms. 28-year-old Coleman Thomas Blevins was arrested and has been charged with making a “terroristic threat to create public fear of serious bodily injury,” said the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office.

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