Sibling Rivalry Takes a Wild Turn: Sister Loses Epic Texas Bar Bet to Her Bro!

When it comes to sibling rivalries, things can get pretty intense. But for one sister-brother duo in the heart of Texas, a simple bet at their local bar escalated into a wild adventure that neither of them will ever forget.

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Strap in, folks, because this story is filled with twists, turns, and Texas-sized surprises!



The Friendy Wager

The video at the bottom of this article opens with a lively scene at a piano bar in Austin, Texas. The caption at the bottom of the screen says "Told my brother I'd give him $20 if he could get 5 people in the bar to do his dance... he said hold my beer."

The Showdown

Well, I hope she doesn't mean $20 per every 5 people he gets to do his dance because there are about 50-60 people doing it! I'm assuming that's the brother and sister front and center leading the pack.  This must be something she grew up seeing him do.  Everyone seems to love it.

Who's this Rascal?

Everyone except one guy who is inexplicably throwing trash at the duo. Can this rascal not see everyone else is enjoying themselves?  Does he hate fun? Is this his supervillain origin story? The Pianist tells him to cut it out. and the guy turns away in shame!


Check it Out

Check out the video for yourself below.  The dance seems easy enough to learn, so if you've been looking to pick up a new skill, use this video as an instructional guide!


@cforeman Yes he’s the favorite child #dancechallenge #siblingsbelike #dualingpianos #austintx ♬ original sound - Courtney Foreman


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