Bruh, take a chill pill!

That's a pretty scary-looking dude running up to the cameraman's car in the video at the bottom of this article. Especially while carrying an enormous lead pipe.

Tik/Tok Canva
Tik/Tok Canva
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He's out here looking like Red Hot Chili Pepper's bassist Flea's character in Back to the Future:


Not In Front of the Children

Frankly, I don't know how everybody in that line of cars didn't start driving away as soon as he came out with that gigantic pipe. He obviously had intentions of swinging that thing on someone's car. They watched him come from all the way back there.


I just noticed the bus back there in the rearview mirror. Those kids got a show today!


So, Mohawk Man rund out with the lead pipe, the truck didn't drive away, and then...


... he Hulk-Smashes that window to bits.


What Are You Waiting For? Hit the Gas!

The folks shooting the video in the vehicle finally hit the gas, turned onto the man's lawn, almost striking him with their truck, and drove away far enough until they were safe to call the authorities.

Hopefully, they didn't get cut by any of that shattered glass. Sheesh!

Check out the video for yourself below:


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