I have been patiently waiting for Spirit Halloween to open and it looks like the first day was yesterday!

Where Is Our Spirit Halloween in Wichita Falls?

Seems like in years past our Spirit Halloween was in a new location every year. This year though, they're staying put in Sikes Senter Mall right across from the AMC movie theater. I believe this was the Old Navy location before they moved. Either way I went and checked it out and they have a good selection of Halloween decorations.

Amazing Horror Movie Selection

When you walk into the store you're greeted by a Texas legend. Leatherface revs up his chainsaw to let you know Halloween is around the corner. They have an amazing selection of movie stuff for 2023. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Scream, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre all have some great stuff for this year. However, I may have bought something incredibly stupid last night.

I Bought a Six Foot Tall Mars Attacks! Alien

For some reason in the year 2023, Spirit Halloween has special Mars Attacks! merchandise. It came out in 1996 so that would be the 27th anniversary of the film? 25th anniversary makes sense to do something like this, but 27th? Whatever. Did I spend $400 on an alien to sit in the corner of my house? Yes I did, this is why I should be more responsible with money. I will buy stupid s*** like this, but I do not regret my new alien friend.

Spirit Halloween Wichita Falls Hours

You will be able to check out Spirit Halloween seven days a week at Sikes Senter Mall they're open from 11am - 7pm every day except Sunday. On that day they're open noon til 6pm. If you love Halloween like me, go check it out today.

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