What's better than seeing two of your favorite TV stars battling it out for supremacy on the big screen TV?

How about seeing them square off against each other while you place an UberEats order?

That's what screen icons Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart are trying to get you to do in their new series of commercials.

It's sort of the Star Wars - Star Trek mashup we weren't looking for but now want to watch over and over again.

In the commercials Mark and Patrick try to outdo each other with their creative and delicious UberEats orders and gaming challenges.

So far there seem to be three produced commercials in the series, one with Mark getting confused about his father, one over an air hockey game, and another as they play Connect 4, all in what looks like an abandoned warehouse.

It's fun watching the two trading quick lines back and forth and we can only hope the series of commercials continues.

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