Ain’t it funny how the spirit of the holiday season evolves as we age?

As a child, it’s all about getting presents and eating good food. As an adult, it’s all about draining your bank account, maxing out your credit cards and avoiding awkward conversations with family members – and that’s where alcohol comes in. Sometimes you just gotta numb the pain.

Steel Reserve Alloy Series is celebrating the fact the holidays result in some awkward moments by highlighting said moments on a new line of limited-edition cans.

Each flavor comes in a can with its own unique tagline:

Spiked Strawberry Burst: When your Aunt gets too flirty with your boyfriend

Blk Berry: When your uncle wants to talk politics

Hard Pineapple: When you get asked why you’re single for the 3rd year in a row

Watermelon: When your parents threaten to take you off their phone plan

Spiked Blue Razz: When you slide into your friend’s sister’s DMs

Spiked Tropic Storm: When you run into your high school ex at the neighborhood bar

Spiked Punch: When your dad’s new girlfriend is the same age as you

Be on the lookout for the cans in convenience stores this month.

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