As part of the recovery efforts from our recent bout of winter weather, the City of Wichita Falls is encouraging everyone who qualifies to take advantage of the Minor and Emergency Repair Programs offered through the City's Neighborhood Resources Division.

These programs are designed to assist low to moderate income homeowners make the minor repairs necessary after damages from the extreme weather and are funded by a federal grant. The funds may not be used in combination with any other federal funding source, disaster funding, or insurance claims.

The home repairs that are eligible for these funds include water and wastewater plumbing, natural gas plumbing, water heaters, electrical problems, HVAC system repairs or replacements, and roof repairs.

The funds generally do not exceed $7,000 and cannot be used to perform cosmetic, structural, septic tanks, or manufactured home issues.

City of Wichita Falls Press Release
City of Wichita Falls Press Release

There are some restrictions on who qualifies for this program. You must live within the city limits of Wichita Falls, you must own and live in the home you're applying for, you must have owned that home for at least one year, the property must be outside the city's 100 year flood plain, the property cannot be considered an historic landmark, the homeowner must not owe any debts to the city, the owner must not have used the program in the previous 12 months, and the owner must meet federal income qualifications for household sizes.

If you have questions or want to apply you can do so by calling Neighborhood Resources at  940-761-7448 or by visiting them in person in Room 300 at the Memorial Auditorium / City Hall building at 1300 7th Street.

A complete listing storm recovery resources can be found on the City of Wichita Falls Storm Recovery page.

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