It’s that time of the week. Time for a new ‘Throwing Things Off the World’s Littlest Skyscraper’ video. This time we take some collectible children's toys out on one last play date.

When it comes to talking children's toys, there's only two possible reasons someone will buy it. It's either a collectible of something they love or it's something for another person's kid and you are a terrible person. Obviously, these annoying talking blocks of plastic needed to get dropped.

We got our hands on a miniature, talking storm trooper toy from Star Wars. While some people may hate us for ruining something they could have added to their collection, just realize that now it's an even more scarce item. We made all the others increase in value!

We also had a talking Elmo bank. Nobody knows why we had it, but it certainly wasn't saving us any money. There was only one thing to do with the Sesame Street character.  It was ready to get dropped.

Thanks once again to Hello Again! Furniture Consignment Store for allowing us to have some stupid fun at their place of business.

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