Can't turn on the news without hearing about the coronavirus at some point. Some folks don't want tens of thousands of people coming to Austin while this is going on. Looks like the festival is saying, the show must go on.

Yesterday, we shared a story with you about a petition online to cancel this year's SXSW festival over in Austin. The petition is saying it is irresponsible to bring in these people from all over the world for this festival. When I looked at it yesterday, the petition had over 16,000 thousand signatures. Barely 24 hours later, it has doubled and continues to grow.

It looks like some folks that help put on the SXSW festival have seen this petition and responded. The festival has said no state or local health officials have asked them to cancel the popular conference and the risk of person-to-person transmission is described as low. However, they plan on doing what they can to put people's minds at ease during this event.

SXSW will have disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer in all shared spaces and microphone cleaner wherever there's a speaker or performer. In addition, SXSW organizers say they will distribute literature containing suggested safety precautions at hotels and meeting spaces.

“SXSW is working closely on a daily basis with local, state, and federal agencies to plan for a safe event. As a result of this dialogue and the recommendations of Austin Public Health, the 2020 event is proceeding with safety as a top priority,” said a festival spokesperson.

Many people and organizations have already backed out of showing up at this year's festival due to the current coronavirus situation.


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