Up until recently, Taylor Swift fans could only snag bonus tracks from ‘Speak Now’ if they bought the deluxe version of the album at their nearest Target store. However, Ms. Swift does not want to deprive her tech savvy fans of these songs for any longer, so the 21-year-old songstress has released the bonus tracks to iTunes.

If you have been dying to upload more Taylor Swift songs to your iPod, today is your lucky day! ‘Ours,’ ‘If This Was a Movie,’ and ‘Superman’ are now available for download on iTunes, as are acoustic renditions of ‘Haunted’ and ‘Back to December.’ The “Pop Mix” version of ‘Mine’ has also been added to the iTunes store.

Now that Swift has released these six bonus tracks to the World Wide Web, Billboard is predicting that two of the songs — ‘Ours,’ which Swift is releasing as her sixth ‘Speak Now’ single, and ‘If This Was a Movie’ — may debut in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Billboard explained their reasoning: “Her singles ‘If This Was a Movie’ and ‘Ours’ may sell around 150,000 and 130,000, respectively, by week’s end on Sunday, Nov. 13, according to industry prognosticators.” If Swift is able to achieve these numbers, these two songs could chart in the top 15 with a large possibility of both tracks charting in the top 10, as well.

If ‘Ours’ and ‘If This Was a Movie’ make their anticipated impact in the top 10 slots on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, they would mark Swift’s first time back in the top 10 since October 2010, when ‘Back to December’ debuted at No. 6. If you want to download any of the new tracks, visit Taylor Swift’s artist page on iTunes.

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