Nothing like taking a bite out of your taco and having it bite back. 

Courtney Aguilar went into the El Rincon Mexican restaurant in Pflugerville, Texas. She placed an order for some barbacoa tacos. She got the tacos, but inside the tacos was something quite strange. What appears to be a jaw and some teeth were inside the flour tortillas.

The photo was originally published to Facebook, but Courtney has now made her account private. The photo still went viral before that happened. El Rincon did see the photo and released a statement about the items in it.

"El Rincon is aware of the situation with the item found in the barbacoa. Barbacoa is one the few items that we buy pre-made from an approved FDA vendor and we are no longer going to buy from that vendor.

Looks like the 'teeth' are actually beef lips, an almost furry-looking part of the cow that's usually ground up. El Rincon is not serving barbacoa tacos at this time. They say they will return to the menu when they get a new vendor.

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