When asked what my favorite candy is, it's difficult not to just say "all." As a kid, I LOVED Halloween candy hauls, as an adult, well, I love being able to go buy as much candy as I want.

Candystore.com, a supplier of bulk candy (perfect for Halloween), recently compiled a list of favorite candies by state, and the favorite candy of Texas makes perfect sense.

To be honest, when I think Texas candy I think of ridiculous stereotypes- is it candy cigarettes? Those suckers with a scorpion in them? Extra hot Hot Tamales?

No, the answer is much simpler and more perfect: Starburst! Because we are the Lone Star State!

Last year, our collective favorite was Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but as a pretty warm state, it seems foolish to bulk order chocolate. That's a good way to get a big old box of mess.

You can view the complete list to see what other states love. You'll be shocked how many like candy corn the best.


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