Some people say that's how it should be cooked, others say you have ruined the meat. Looks like in Texas, it pisses people off more than anything.

A new survey from The Takeout has the most hated food for each and every state. They broke this down using dislikes from dating apps and it's quite interesting. Things that I hate are on here like licorice, pumpkin spice anything, or tofu. Then some weird ones are on the list like ranch on pizza, flaming hot Cheetos, or chicken nuggets. All of those are things I love.

Up north of us in Oklahoma, they have one that makes sense. Veggie burgers, yeah I'm not a fan and I can see why it would be on a most hated list. For Texas, a well-done steak is what made the cut. I guess Hank Hill defined all Texans when Bobby asked what happens when someone wants a well-done steak. Hank said, 'We ask them politely, but firmly to leave'.

I don't think a well-done steak should be the most hated food. If I had to pick one thing, it would be black olives. I know a lot of people love them, but I think they ruin every piece of food they touch. Everything just ends up tasting like olives and that is not good.

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