Just a friendly reminder for what you may want to pick up for the neighborhood kids.

I miss being a kid on Halloween. Get to dress up as one of my favorite characters and I get a year's supply of candy. What is not to love? Now as an adult, I have to start thinking about the children and I am now the one buying the candy.


I go all out with full-size bars. If I learned one thing as a kid, you never mess with the house that gave out full-size candy bars. This should be a law for children in the United States. Now the dilemma, which candy do you get? Well, the fine folks at the Candy Store have your back. They have your official updated map for 2018 with the favorites by your state.

Texas has a new one for 2018, Reeses Cups. Can't go wrong with those. Starburst came in at two this year, which was last year's number one. Closing out your top three for Texas is Almond Joy, gross. I don't know about that last one, but it looks like I am in the minority for our state.

Next up is Oklahoma who also got a new number one, Double Bubble Gum. A fine choice, plus you can literally buy it by the bucket and have plenty for the night. Last year's number one falls to two and that would be Snickers. Lastly, for the top three, you have Skittles. I think Oklahoma has a better overall top three. The Almond Joy for Texas just tanks it for me.

By the way, if you don't want to pass out candy, just turn your porch light off. If you're one of these people that run your porch light 24/7, just save some electricity that night if you don't what kids to bother you.

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