How do you not know that you hit someone?

In case you missed this viral video yesterday, it comes to us from San Antonio. You may have seen Adrian Lopez's video being shared around social media of a big rig driving down I-35. The big rig was in an accident with a car and was literally dragging it down the highway.

Lopez told KENS5 that the black car cut off the big rig when merging onto the highway and then got caught underneath of it. Lopez said the truck driver did everything he could to prevent a bigger accident from his perspective. However, the truck driver did strike the vehicle and continue to drive for a while. From the video, at least a mile, with that car stuck to the front of the big rig.

According to police, due to the obvious difference in size, the 18 wheeler did not initially feel the crash and continued driving. A short time later the driver noticed something was wrong and immediately pulled over. There were no indications of any road rage and no intentional acts and the contributing factor was listed as driver inattention.

Police said the driver of the black Mercedes sustained minor injuries in the crash and was transported to a nearby hospital.

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