It's Friday, it's been a long week for me and an ice cold beer sounds amazing right now. Looks like I need to plan a road trip to check this place out at some point.

Here in Wichita Falls, we have the Wichita Falls Brewing Company downtown. If you've never been, go get some pizza down there and grab an Odd Duck beer. It has become one of my favorite hangouts in Wichita Falls without a doubt. I've been to a couple of breweries around our state and apparently the best one in the country is over in Lubbock.

According to USA Today, Brewery LBK is the best brewpub in the country. This is the second time the brewery was included as a finalist in that list, but the first time it has won. It was the brewery’s Chilton, various IPAs and ales that caught many judges attention.

“The Brewery LBK would like to thank our wonderful family of supporters who helped make this happen and who continue encourage and support us on a daily basis,” Sally Taylor, head brewer, said. “Being the sole brewery in Texas to make the final list was exciting but taking the top prize is more than we could imagine when we began this journey. This is just the beginning and we hope to continue serving our community for many years to come.”

So I guess the next time you're in Lubbock, go check this place out. Hopefully we can get the Wichita Falls brewery on that list one day. That Odd Duck beer is legit in my top ten favorite beers all time.

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