There's an old saying, "All's fair in love, war, and politics." According to one Texas City Council candidate that means coming up with some really creative campaign signs.

Over in Plano, Bill Lisle is campaigning for the Place 7 seat on their City Council and he wanted to make sure people remembered his name. So he enlisted a big name friend. Bigfoot. Or Sasquatch if you prefer.

Bill Lisle for Plano City Council Place 7 via Facebook
Bill Lisle for Plano City Council Place 7 via Facebook

According Coast To Coast AM the idea for making some big campaign impressions with a big name supporter came to Lisle when he was visiting his sister who works for a metal wholesaler that produces specialized sculptures. He spotted a a Sasquatch in the mix and came up with the idea for campaign signs.

Since not all Sasquatches are the same size, he had the plant create several different sized signs. The originals 33 signs were 7 feet tall and were great in large spaces but didn't fit in everywhere so he added some medium sized models and even some small ones that are only about 2 feet tall. Sort of a little bigfoot for Lisle.

So far his idea seems to be faring well as he's had a lot of complimentary comments from Plano citizens with promises that they will vote for him come election day.

All of the attention comes with a downside, though. Some sticky-fingered bad guys, a.k.a. Bigfoot Bandits, have already swiped about 10 of his Sasquatch signs.

Undeterred in his mission to be elected to the Plano City Council, Lisle plans on replacing the stolen Sasquatches with 'Wanted' posters of the big guys.

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