Now that is one heck of a tip.

Over in Galveston, Adriana Edwards works at the local Denny's and had quite the surprise the other day. A couple went in for a meal and Adriana was their waitress. At some point during their meal and they got to talking with Adriana. She said she walks around 14 miles to work every day and was saving up for a car.

After the meal, with some excellent service. The couple returned later with a 2011 Nissan Sentra for Adriana. The couple who bought the car for Adriana left a note that said hopefully one day you can pay it forward for someone. “I woke up (the next day) and looked outside to make sure it was true and I wasn’t dreaming,” said Edwards.

Edwards said she’s glad she’ll now have more time to study so she can graduate from college.

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