When Dollar Store Shopping Takes a Dramatic Turn

Picture this: a seemingly ordinary day at a Texas Dollar General, customers leisurely strolling through aisles, picking up essentials, and searching for the best deals. Little did they know that chaos was about to unfold in the most unexpected way.

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In a plot twist that could rival a Hollywood blockbuster, a parked car suddenly shifted into gear, turning an ordinary shopping trip into an action-packed spectacle.

Is That One of Them Self-Driving Cars?

The video below opens in a parking lot at a Dollar General store in Lubbock, Texas where a car is driving around doing circles backward all by itself. The captions on the video claim that the lady left her car running as she went into the store.

The car apparently slipped into gear, went forward, and hit a curb, which caused it to shift into reverse, which brings us to the current predicament.

No Sure What to Do Here.

The car owner and another man are seen trying unsuccessfully to figure out how to get the car to stop. They just kind of follow it around scratching their heads.

A Hero Emerges

Out of nowhere, a man without shoes runs up, jumps on the hood of the car, opens the door, and jumps in the car to bring it to a stop.



It's amazing no person or property was damaged, this man saved the day!

Check Out the Video Below:


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