If you're gonna celebrate, do it in the most Texas way possible. 

Evelyn Lopez Terrazas had her quinceañera a little over a week ago and her theme was the Texas classic Whataburger. A quinceañera is the Latin American celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday. Evelyn celebrated with a lovely dress, horse and a big Whataburger. The photos turned out great and maybe she has a future as a Whataburger model.

Evelyn's mom said Whataburger has contacted her and will be sending her a gift for her Whataburger love. Once again, how is Whataburger not the most popular fast food restaurant in Texas? If In-N-Out is truly the more popular option, where are my In-N-Out quinceañera photos? They don't exist because Whataburger is king in Texas and always will be. You're just wrong if you don't agree.

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