Sure the Homecoming King is usually the quarterback who may have thrown the game-winning touchdown pass. This is probably pretty rare on the queenside of things. 

Huge shout out to Claire Jeffress who had the honor of being named Homecoming Queen at halftime of the big football game. Claire was not dressed like your average Homecoming Queen. Claire was rocking her tiara, but also her shoulder pads. Claire is the kicker for Dawson high school over in Pearland, Texas.

She is also a very talented soccer player but was recruited for kicker all the way in seventh grade. Her school's team didn't have one and the coach knew she had one hell of a leg. "At the beginning, I did have to push a little hard to prove myself, but I always asked the coaches to look at me like any other person,” she said. “I didn’t want to make the team because I was a girl—I didn’t want it to be some special factor. I wanted to make it because I deserved to be on the team. They understood that.”

She definitely earned her spot in the annual big homecoming game. 1:08 left in the game, it's tied at 35. Claire comes into kick a thirty-yard field goal and she nailed it. She was also perfect on the day for extra point attempts, going five for five. Claire plans on focusing on soccer in college and not continuing football past high school. Best of luck in the future Claire, you definitely made some memories this past weekend.

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