I know I shouldn't laugh at this, but I'm sorry, I'm only human.

Everyone knows this bit. Bart Simpson is the king of it.  You enter a fake name so that some unsuspecting pansy reads it aloud and sounds foolish.

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While Bart's pranks usually target the local pub by calling and asking for Al Coholic, I.P Freely, or some other silly name, these rascals in the video at the bottom of this article targeted the Texas House of Representatives!


Serious Topic

Before we go any further, I'd just like to say in no way am I mocking the subject matter of the bill being discussed in this video.  Also, I admit it is extremely juvenile to laugh at this. But dang, the names they chose are so funny.

That laugh tho

The lady that can't contain her laughter after the last two names are read is my hero.  I mean, how do the others hold it in? Are they robots?


You got your moment

To top it all off, the way the speaker says "you got your moment," put me on the floor laughing.  He has to read the names, and I'm pretty sure he got the joke before he even started.

Watch the video for yourself below and continue scrolling for the best Twitter comments.


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