This dude needs to never get out of jail.

Buckle up for this crazy story coming out Shelby County, Texas. 21-year-old Alexander Nathan Barter put a post on the dark web. Barter was looking for someone who was interested in necrophilia and cannibalism to contact him. Undercover cops with the Texas Department of Public Safety saw the post and reached out to Barter on the encrypted emails he left on the post.

The undercover cop said he could offer his young daughter to Barter for the act. Barter allegedly replied, in part, “Nice! I’m in East Texas. How old is your daughter? Can we kill her?” and then went on to detail gruesome things he would like to do to the girl before and after her death. The two would exchange emails over several days.

'The plan' was for Barter to meet the two while they would be on a camping trip, but this 'girl' would instead be taken to a hotel in Joaquin, Texas. Barter then allegedly again said he would assault her, kill her, and eat her. Barter then told the undercover officer what to do as his alibi for his missing daughter.

Barter instructed the undercover agent to purchase a burner phone, buy new clothes to wear after the murder, and told him to then go back home to Brevard County, Florida and claim that his daughter had run away from home again. “I’m not going to change my mind about this. I really want to do this,” the affidavit said Barter wrote on Oct. 15.

Officers subpoenaed subscriber information and IP logs to confirm that these emails were coming from Barter. On Oct. 19, as Barter was heading to meet the undercover agent and his “daughter,” he was met with a number of law enforcement officers outside his residence, instead. He had, just as discussed, a plastic trash bag and a knife with him, as he said that he would have in one of the email conversations.

Barter admitted to being the person that wrote these things while in police custody. Barter has been charged with the following crimes. Criminal solicitation, a first-degree felony.Criminal Attempt: Capital Murder, a second-degree felony. Conspiracy to Commit Capital Murder, a first-degree felony. Criminal Attempt: Sexual Performance of a Child, a second-degree felony. Barter remains in the Shelby County Jail as of this post.

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