This guy was bitten by one of the most poisonous snakes and that poison is some serious business. 

Milton Richards, of Lubbock, Texas found a Mojave rattlesnake in his backyard. Milton attempted to kill the snake but it did bite Milton on his hand. Milton began having seizures and paralysis almost immediately. Milton was taken to the closest hospital but had to be airlifted to  University Medical Center in Lubbock.

Milton has since been released from the hospital. He had to receive 80 injections of antivenom. Dr. Christopher Piel, medical director of the emergency center at UMC, told KCBD-TV that treatment for snakebites varies depending on the case. He said not only does it depend on the type of rattlesnake that attacked, but also how much venom was injected and the toxicity the venom displays as to how severe the bite is.

If you take one thing away from this story, maybe don't try to kill those rattlesnakes if they're within striking distance of yourself.

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