Looks like a rush out the door in the morning is to blame for this big mistake.

Shelly McCullar is apologizing for sending her seven-year-old son to Travis Elementary school, right here in the Lone Star state, last week in a clearly inappropriate shirt. At first glance, it might look like just a McDonald's logo. It's red and yellow and has their popular tagline, "I'm Lovin' It". Then you notice that yellow M is not an M and is actually a woman's legs being spread open. Whoopsie!

Shelly recently had a family member drop off some hand me down clothes for her kids, and being a single mom, she was not gonna turn those down. The kids grabbed what they wanted and mom didn't think twice about it. She has a very hectic morning nowadays with her son Anthony recovering from bronchitis and is still doing some breathing treatments.

She admits her mornings are hectic and she just thought it was a McDonald's shirt since Anthony already had one like it. Thankfully she never got called up to the school about the shirt. Anthony said no one said anything all day except his gym teacher who told him to keep his jacket on during class. Shelly's niece was the one to inform her of the shirt and even after seeing a video of it, it took her a couple of seconds to see it.

She made the video above apologizing for her honest mistake, but she did admit to having a good laugh about it. All I'm going say is, thank goodness it wasn't picture day.

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