To say that things got awkward during this press conference yesterday would be an understatement.

In case you didn't know, over in Houston, Police Chief Art Acevedo will be taking his talents to South Beach. That's right, he is going to be the Police Chief in Miami. In fact, the Mayor of Miami can't wait for him to get there. The Mayor has said Acevedo is like the 'Michael Jordan or Tom Brady of police chiefs'. Dang, Acevedo is the G.O.A.T. of police chiefs? Had no idea.

Acevedo during a press conference yesterday was speaking with reporters and the increasing homicide rate was brought up. Houston had over 400 homicides last year, this year they have 96. They're almost averaging a homicide a day in the city. A reporter brought this up with Chief Acevedo about the raising rate and taking a new job in Miami. He said, "Get ready for 500 murders at the rate this is going.”

A reporter brought up that this increase in homicides was during his watch. Police Chief Acevedo responded by saying, “Ok, it’s under my watch, Mario and I’ll be gone, and bring in the best chief, bring in any chief .. but I’ve got a prediction.” The reporter then brought up the Miami Mayor's recent comments about him being the best chief in the country.

“You know Mario, I’m done with you. Actually, I’m done with your for my lifetime. Thank God.” Acevedo claims the crime rate is going up in the city due to the revolving door on the Harris County justice system. They are not working hard enough and putting criminals back on the streets.

Best of luck to Acevedo in Miami, but this doesn't seem like the way you would want to leave the job.


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