Texas Police Stop Parents' Heroic Attempt to Save Kids From Wildfire

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, Texas police recently found themselves caught in the middle of a high-stakes situation when they stopped parents from trying to rescue their children from a raging wildfire.

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This is just an all-around terrible situation for everybody involved.



Unthinkable Situation

Imagine hearing they're evacuating your area because of a wildfire and your kids are stuck at home. You race back to try to get them, and the police jump in front of your car and stop you. Most people in the comments of the video stated they would have either continued driving around, or in extreme cases, through the cops.    

What Would You Do?

Now imagine you're the police.  You've been told by the fire department to not let anyone through under any circumstances because anyone who comes through at this point is as good as dead. What would you do in their position?

Probably Would Let Them Go

I think that I would have flagged the car down just like they did, but once the parents told me their kids were at home, I'd let them through. Enter at your own risk, you're probably not coming back. But it's easy to say what I would do sitting here in air-conditioning writing this.  It's a little different when you're in the situation. Geez, what a tough situation.

Watch the video below:




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