911, we have an emergency. Shoes are on the chair, I REPEAT SHOES ON THE CHAIR. Send all units to the biology lab.

The University of Texas San Antonio had a bit of situation Monday night in a biology class. The university is currently investigating the situation, so right now I have to go with the information I have. According to several students, the cops were called on a student because she had her feet on the chair in front of her. The professor called the cops on this students 'uncivilized behavior'.

This incident actually happened in the previous class last week, but the student showed up to class on Monday. I guess she didn't think the professor was serious about her wanting her to not return to class after that incident. So police were called to get the student out of class on Monday. This is what some students are saying on Twitter about what happened.

They showed up and took her out of the classroom. People believe the cops were called because of her race and are asking for this teacher to be fired. A petition for her to be let go has over 4,000 signatures as of this post. The university says they're conducting two investigations right now. One on potential discrimination and the other on classroom management. Guess we will see how this plays out after this investigation.

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