Just a bunch of Grinchs and Scrooges in this state.


A new study came out from Get Century Link, the most prestigious of Christmas study websites. They have given a ranking for how much does each and every state love Christmas. They break it down into two categories: Online Activity and Area Culture.

Under online activity, the study measured Google searches for Christmas movies and gingerbread houses, Google shopping trends for wrapping paper, Christmas Cards, Christmas ornaments and "elf on a shelf," number of Christmas songs streamed and number of Christmas-related tweets. Under area culture, the study measured number of Christmas tree farms per capita and amount of charitable donations.

So how did we do in Texas? Not good, we came in 43rd in the country. Ouch! For our neighbors to the north in Oklahoma, you guys came in at 28th. Better than Texas, but nothing to be proud of. You can check out all 50 states here.


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