Videos captures wild and wet footage of FM2754 in Austin County flooding.

The videos below, recorded and posted on X by @BobPackWX, shows off the mighty power of Mother Nature.

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What was once a very dry, Farm to Market Road 2754 in Austin County is now a swiftly flowing river. Actually, by the time the camera comes to a complete stop after panning from right to left, it looks more like a lake!


A Dance of Elements

Witness the incredible dance between rainwater and pavement as the street transforms into a liquid masterpiece. The water moves with such fluidity and speed, making it seem like the water itself is alive and breathing.

The Power of Rain

Austin County is no stranger to rainfall, but this video showcases the area's ability to adapt and embrace the power of rain. Instead of causing chaos, the rainwater elegantly glides through the street, creating a serene and almost therapeutic spectacle. But then the videographer comes back to the same spot and the road is coming apart!


The Road is Ripping

Several parts of the road appear to be ripping off and floating away in the first video below. Scary situation!

Check out the videos below:

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