Wow, this school district isn't messing around.

This is pretty crazy to see, but Bushland ISD is taking drugs very serious for its student body. I guess the D.A.R.E. program isn't working out so the school district just west of Amarillo will be drug testing all of its students. The district will make seventh through twelfth graders all take a drug test if they want to take part in school activities.

The students will sign a consent form and if they fail they will face some repercussions. That student will not be allowed to sign up for any extracurricular activities. From the football team, all the way to the chess club. They cannot be a part of anything except for going to class.

The school district says if the student fails the test and is of driving age, they will not be allowed to park on school property. Also things such as dances, that student will also be banned from. It's a pretty strict policy, but I guess this is one way to keep kids clean.



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