Nothing like getting caught red handed.

During a forum last month, Callahan County Chief Deputy Rick Jowers said something that made people look into his history. Rick is currently running for Sheriff over in Callahan County, Texas. During this forum, he said "(Leroy Foley) is miliary like me. We were both Airborne Rangers." Now Foley, is also running for Sheriff as well. We will get to him in a bit.

Looks like people starting looking into these two and their actual service. Jowers was caught in a lie. He was never an Airborne Ranger. Since he was busted, he issued an apology. "I am deeply and wholeheartedly apologize for misleading you about my military service," said Jowers. "I am not a Navy SEAL, a Green Beret or an Airborne Ranger. I sincerely and completely apologize for saying that at the forums."

What about Leroy Foley? Since he was also caught in a lie, he has voluntarily stepped down from his position with the Clyde Police Department and has dropped out of the Sheriff's race. The Department released the following statement, "The Clyde Police Department will continue our internal review of this matter in order to reach a conclusion and determine if any additional actions are warranted. We have consulted with the Callahan County District Attorney's office to update them on this incident, and may call on additional assistance from outside agencies as needed."

According to several people at the forum, Foley was telling voters he had a silver star and a purple heart from his time in the service. People began asking for proof in recent weeks and that is when all of this went down. Pretty crazy to see that both of these guys got caught in their own lies.


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