People thought that she had a miscarriage, that was until they found the body.

Erica Gomez of El Paso faces capital murder charges for the February 9 killing of her newborn child. According to court documents, Gomez admitted to giving birth in her bathroom, wrapping the baby in a bathrobe, and putting it in a shed at her neighbor’s house. She then went back inside her home and fell asleep.

Gomez told police she was scared so she didn't tell anyone she gave birth. Gomez's mother saw blood in her bed and woke her up to rush her to the hospital. Doctors assumed she had a miscarriage since she didn't mention giving birth. Twelve hours after Gomez gave birth, a neighbor went into the shed and found the newborn baby dead.

The baby had been stabbed several times. Three times on the neck, once on the side and five times in the back. Forensic Examiner Doctor Janice Diaz determined the death was a homicide.Gomez was arrested on February 23. She is being held at El Paso County jail on $800,000 bond.

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