Texas Teens’ Video Before School Sparks Big Talk

Well, they were drinking something for sure, as you can plainly see in the video at the bottom of this article. Whether or not it was alcohol is for you to decide after watching the video.

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Now, we weren't sure if covering this story was appropriate, being that these are minors and they possibly could be drinking alcohol, but if they want to act grown and post a video for all of the world to see, well, they got what they wanted.


It could be fake.

If social media were around when I was that age, I would have definitely been making fake videos like this to get attention, so we can't rule out the fact that they're just pranking us. Good lord, it says it's 7:20 am, I sure hope it's a prank.

Also, it could be real.

If it is real alcohol, should they be punished, be required to take substance abuse classes or both? Some think it's a normal part of growing up. Kids being kids if you will.


Social media is bad for kids.

This whole situation is making us think about how social media affects what kids do and what adults can do to help them make good choices. The teens in the video might not realize it, but they're making us all think about these important issues.

Check out the video below:

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