The Wild West Solution: Could Texas Use Tumbleweeds to Defend its Borders?

The video at the bottom of this article shows a car getting pelted with scores of tumbleweeds as soon as they drive over the border of Texas.

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Which got us thinking. Could we harness the power of these dead bits of dry plants and use them to protect our borders? Not the Texas-Mexico, mind you. This article is being written in Wichita Falls, Texas. We're hundreds of miles away from that border.

No, it's the Oklahoma border we worry about. These Okies can just drive on down here whenever they want! It's ridiculous!

What Gives?

Why would we want to keep the fine people of Oklahoma out of Texas, you might be asking yourselves. It's simple. They don't know how to drive. We get it, the roads are terrible up there, but you're in Texas now.

Hit the gas and use your blinker. It's that simple. Our roads are smooth and well-tended. You can actually drive the posted speed limit and it won't shake your car to pieces.

So, what's the plan?

Some folks think tumbleweeds could be useful along the border. The idea is to plant tumbleweed seeds in certain spots. As they grow, they could pile up and make it harder for people to cross the border without being noticed. It's kind of like using nature to build a fence.

Thinking Outside the Box

Using tumbleweeds might sound strange, but it's not totally crazy. People have used nature in smart ways for a long time. From using animals to help in wars to using plants for medicine, humans have always found clever solutions to problems.

Tumbleweeds have a talent for spreading fast and covering big areas. So, maybe they could help Texas with its border issue. It's a different approach that could save money and be good for the environment.

Check out the video below:

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