Whatever the maximum charge this woman can receive, please give it to her.

I was really disappointed in my neighborhood on Sunday night. I had four trick or treaters in total. I think this was because my neighborhood runs their porch lights 24/7. Folks had their lights on, but weren't handing out any candy. The parents with the kids told me I was one of the few houses handing out candy, but everyone had their porch light on.

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Rules for Halloween are simple, no candy, no porch light. Don't be a jerk and get mad at people for knocking on your door on Halloween. Looks like over in Buda, Texas one lady had enough of the Halloween for the night. 35-year-old Monica Ann Bradford was allegedly yelling at children walking by her residence on Halloween night.

Around 7:20 that night, she was done with the kids in the neighborhood walking by. So she allegedly walked outside and pulled a gun on a seven-year-old kid. Thankfully someone called the cops and Monica got some nice shiny handcuffs for the night. She was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was taken to the Hays County Jail, with her bond set to $10,000.

If you don't want to celebrate Halloween, fine. I really don't care. However, other people in your neighborhood can. She's acting like this was 1 am. 7 pm is still trick or treating hours in my book. The last kid I had showed up around 8:45. Hopefully this Halloween Grinch gets what is coming to her.

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