We all know Geoffrey is out of work and it looks like someone right here in Texas would love to have the recognizable mascot at their business.

What is Geoffrey the Giraffe doing now? We all saw that sad photo of him with a suitcase in an empty Toys R Us store. Looks like Geoffrey has found work in New Brunswick, New Jersey at a local children's hospital. A Geoffrey statue from the Toys R Us headquarters is now there. The children's hospital hopes a familiar face like Geoffrey will help the kids feel a little more comfortable.

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Looks like the San Antonio Zoo would also like to hire Geoffrey. They have started a GoFundMe Page to help save giraffes around the would and allow Geoffrey to be an official mascot for their zoo. They have a goal of $100,000 since only 100,000 giraffes are left in the world. As of this post, they have raised two thousand dollars.

It's sad that children no longer have a toy store to go to. I have fond memories as a kid of Toys R Us, especially The Big Toy Book that would come out before Christmas with all the must-have toys. I guess kids scroll through websites and add to a wishlist nowadays. Sad, but I hope Geoffrey gets a job somewhere. It would be really cool to see him here in Texas.

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