It's a place a lot of us frequent from time to time. Nice to know it gets some national attention. 

The fine folks at Conde Nast Traveler just came up with a very interesting list. The most beautiful place in every state. I am a sucker for these because I am always curious to see what it says for our state. For Texas, it is the Hamilton Pool Reserve just west of Austin.

Scrolling through to Texas, I obviously passed Oklahoma and was shocked to find their most beautiful place was right here in Texoma. The Wichita Mountains was named the most beautiful place in Oklahoma. Whether you go to hunt, fish or camp. The Wichita Mountains has something for you.

Even just a casual hike in an afternoon lets you take in the beauty of this place. Maybe take in the wildlife of some buffalo. If you need bigger thrills, you can even go rock climbing. If you haven't been, definitely need to schedule a trip there at some point. Just so you can say you have been to the most beautiful place in Oklahoma.

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