Want to do something fun this weekend? Take a trip and support our drive ins!

I have always talked about getting out there and supporting our local drive ins. I have done reviews on the Graham Drive In and the Chief Drive In over in Chickasha. I highly recommend you take a trip at least once a year to both of them to check it out. Sadly, not a lot of interesting movies have been coming out of Hollywood lately, so the drive ins have been kicking it old school recently.

It looks like both drive ins will be doing a showing of 'Jaws' this weekend. Which is one of my favorite movies ever. I can already hear some angry nerd typing that Steven Spielberg did not direct Jaws 2. Yes I am aware of this, you do not need to let me know this.

It looks like the Chief Drive In will be doing two Spielberg classics. Starting the night out with 'E.T.' and then closing it with 'Jaws' as well. So I guess it depends if you want to do back to back shark movies or back to back Spielberg flicks. Either way, it should be a good weekend to go to the drive in.

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The Cowboys don't play until Monday night this week, so my normal Sunday football routine is out the window. So why not try something new this weekend if you have never been to the drive in? I am still holding out hope that one day Wichita Falls will get a drive in. You can actually check out the history of our old Wichita Falls drive ins below.

Retro Advertisements for Wichita Falls Drive In

Wichita Falls used to have six drive in movie theaters. We have stepped back in time to show off some of the cool things that Wichita Falls used to have back in the day.

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